The Garrison Family

Polli Jost Turner, Editor

First Generation--
1.Ebenezar Garrison,
located on Marsh branch, a branch of Muddy Creek, where he was living in 1799. He was a large landowner and planter.
2. Jedidiah Garrison,
married Jane Williams of Duplin Co. They lived in Duplin Co. before 1780. In the 1790’s he was living in Greenville District, SC; and moved to Banks Co., GA, about 1800.

1. Jane Garrison, born 1765. Married Barney Meadows, and lived in Banks Co., GA.
2. Rebecca Garrison, married Burton and lived in Hall Co., GA.
3. Rev. Levi Garrison, married Miss Meadows of NC. He was a Methodist minister in Anderson Co., SC, with a large family--two of their sons were ministers.
4. James Caleb Garrison, married Katie Morgan, and raised a large family in Banks Co., GA.
5. David Garrison, a Methodist minister in Banks Co., GA, with a large family.
6. Christopher Garrison, married Kezziah Meadows.
7. Thomas Garrison, married and reared a large family.
8. Capias Garrison, moved west.



Second Generation--
Ebenezar Garrison, born by 1750, died by 1801, in Duplin Co., NC. Married Nancy Williams (?) who
was still living in 1825 when she & daughter Nancy joined Muddy Creek Baptist Church. Ebenezar fought in the Revolution, and later located on Marsh branch, a branch of Muddy Creek, where he was living in 1799. He was a large landowner and planter.
1. James Garrison,
born ca. 1772, in Duplin Co., NC. Married Martha Dykes, born ca. 1782, in NC; died Oct. 10, 1869; in Ware Co., GA; about 87 years old.
2. Martha Garrison, born ca 1781 in Duplin Co., NC, died 1806. Her father's estate administration adjusted in Jan. 1807 for her death.
3. Nancy Garrason, born ca. 1784 (still a minor in 1805) in Duplin Co. Still living in 1825 when she and her mother joined Muddy Creek Baptist Church.



Third Generation--
James Garrison, born ca. 1772, in Duplin Co., NC; died ca. 1805, in Effingham Co., GA. Married (July 4, 1794, in Effingham Co., GA) Martha Dykes, "Patsy," born ca. 1782, in Pitt Co., NC; died Oct. 10, 1869; in Ware Co., GA; about 87 years old. James moved to Effingham Co. with his uncle Darius Garrison.
After James’ death, Mary married (ca. 1808) Frederick J. Mills, born 1785; died Aug. 10, 1850, and they moved to Wiregrass, GA, which was then in Appling Co., later became part of Ware Co., and in 1850 part of Clinch Co. They had four more children. Martha and Frederick were buried in the cemetery of the Union Hill Church, a Congregational church where the family were members.
David Garrison,
born May 12, 1800, in Effingham Co., GA; died Oct. 31, 1882, in Geneva Co., AL; 82 years old. Married Mary Ann Gilbert.
2. James Jasper Garrison,
born June 5, 1802, in Effingham Co., GA; died Feb. 4, 1882, in McIntosh Co., GA; 79 years old. He lived for a time in Liberty Co., GA, before moving to McIntosh Co. Married (Sept. 29, 1840) Mrs. Catherine Ann M. Calder Gould, born Oct. 21, 1810; died Aug. 5, 1848; 37 years old. She was the widow of John Gould, and daughter of John Calder of McIntosh Co., GA. In later life, he spelled his name "Garrason". James was a Mason. He was too old for regular service during the Civil War, but he helped to replace the regular doctors, being licensed by the George State Legislature as a "folk" or "herbal" doctor. He was also a land surveyor in McIntosh and Liberty Counties. His son James was a surveyor, as was his son Milton Calder Garrason. The latter’s son, Truman Wilton Garrason, was still surveyor of Long Co. in 1982. James J. Garrason was also a Methodist, being a church trustee and Sunday school superintendent.
3. Levi Garrison,
born Jan. (or Feb.) 1804, in Effingham Co., GA; died Nov. 12, 1882, in Lake City, Covington Co., AL; 78 years old. Married Susannah Guilford, born Jan. 1807, in Effingham Co., GA; died Dec. 1884, in Covington Co., AL; 77 years old. Her mother was Mary Wilson. Both were buried in a cemetery in Covington Co., AL, but were later exhumed and reburied in the Corner Creek Church cemetery, in Geneva Co., AL, near his brother David.
In 1860, the census shows them in Covington Co., AL, in Williams Wells, living near nephew Levi Garrison Jr. and his family, and son Eleazor Garrison. Levi was a Methodist preacher in Georgia, and a Mason in the Lake City, AL, lodge. A Covington County history tells that Levi owned eight slaves in 1860 (there was a movement in the Methodist clergy to release slaves, but it was illegal in Georgia and the Carolinas to free slaves!). However, Phyllis G. Ansley, whose husband is a descendant of Levi, says that the tradition in the family is that Levi was opposed to slavery. Included in his wife’s dowry were 12 slaves, but Levi freed them after their marriage. He and his brother David were opposed on the issue of slavery.
4. Leonard Mills,
born 1810, killed 1835, unmarried. Served as 2nd Lieut. 586th District of Ward County militia from 1832 to 1835.
5. Shadrack Mills,
born 1816, married Mary Sears, daughter of Harrison Sears. His mother lived with them in her last years, and after her death they moved to Columbia Co., Florida.
6. Frederick J. Mills,
born 1819, married Mary Sears, daughter of David Sears.
7. Rebecca Mills,
born 1821, married John Ricketson, Coffee Co., GA.



Fourth Generation--
David Garrison, born May 12, 1800; died Oct. 31, 1882, in Geneva Co., AL; 82 years old. Married (Oct. 21, 1822, in Effingham Co., GA) Mary Ann Gilbert, born 1806, in GA. Both were buried in the second of four cemeteries of the Corner Creek Church, which is across the road from the present day church.
Soon after their marriage, David and Mary Ann moved to Franklin Co., GA, where they were living at the time of the 1827 land lottery when he drew land. Soon after they moved to Ware Co., GA, where they were living near his mother and step-father in 1830. David served there as captain of the 568th militia district, from 1832 to 1835, and as Justice of the peace from 1837-1841. They migrated with their family to Coffee Co., AL, about 1845. The portion they lived in was made part of Geneva Co. in 1875.
David was a Methodist minister. He organized the Corner Creek Church near Hocada, Geneva Co., AL, and preached the first sermon there. He was also a farmer and organ maker. He was still performing marriages in 1876. Corner Creek Church is the oldest church in Geneva Co., and one of the oldest in the state. David opposed his brother Levi, also a Methodist minister, on the issue of slavery. David was in favor of slavery, Levi freed the slaves that were included in his wife’s dowry.
1. Martha Ann Garrison,
born March 6, 1824, in GA. Married (1841) Daniel Roberts, born ca. 1822, in GA; died before 1870, in Coffee Co, AL. Sherlock Lewis, one of my sources, is a descendant of their line.
2. Eliza Ann Garrison,
born Oct. 12, 1825. Married (1841) Thomas Roberts.
3. Levi Garrison,
born Dec. 6, 1827; died Feb. 2, 1865, in Camp Chase, Ohio; 37 years old. Married Nancy E. Lambeth.
4. Elender Garrison,
born Aug. 11, 1829, in GA. Married (after 1850) William Robert Cain.
5. Mary Ann Garrison,
born March 15, 1831, in GA. Married (after 1850) John McDuffie.
6. Jane Garrison,
born Feb. 14, 1833. Married (1848) William C. Lowrey.



Fifth Generation--
Levi Garrison, born Dec. 6, 1827, in Georgia (possibly in Milan, Telfair Co.); died Feb. 2, 1865; 37 years old. He was buried in Camp Chase, OH, a prisoner-of-war camp for Confederate soldiers captured during the Civil War. Married Nancy E. Lambeth, born Dec. 20, 1837, in Alabama; died Jan. 16, 1903, in Rogers, Bell Co., TX; 65 years old.
We have confirmed that Levi fought in the Civil War--a sergeant in Company K, 57th Regiment of the Alabama Infantry of the Confederate States of America. He enlisted March 16, 1863, in Elba, Coffee Co., AL (not far from his home) for a three year term, or for the duration of the war. His service record shows that he was hospitalized in Marion, AL, on March 29, 1864, for a time, although we have no record of the reason. On July 20, 1864, he was captured by Union forces near Atlanta, GA, and on the 24th was admitted to the Union prison hospital in Chattanooga, TN, for a gun shot wound to the scalp. From there he was taken to Nashville, then to Louisville, KY, and on Aug. 3, he was sent out to Camp Chase, where he was received Aug. 4. The record shows that he died of pneumonia on Feb. 2, 1865, in the prison camp, and was buried "1/3 mile south of Camp Chase," marker no. 1008, grave 28, row 26.
After Levi’s death, Nancy married W. S. Whaley (born about 1827, in GA), and they had several children of their own. The oldest was born in Arkansas, the next was born about 1869 in Texas. The information about her husband and children was taken from the 1880 census soundex--they were in Bell Co., TX, at the time.
1. Victory Garrison,
"Victoria," in the 1860 census, born Sept. 28, 1854; died July 21, 1869; 14 years old.
2. Palestine Garrison,
born Feb. 14, 1856.
Elieazer Garrison,
"Eli," the census taker wrote his name something like, "Leazor," born Nov. 16, 1857, in AL (his daughter’s family Bible gave the birthplace as FL; died April 24, 1922, of cancer, in Wilcox, AZ; 64 years old. Married (July 17, 1890, in Altus, Oklahoma Territory) Mary Jane Higgins.
4. Darius Garrison,
born Oct. 9, 1859, in Coffee Co., AL. [Co. acc. to IGI]
5. Jediah Garrison,
born April 14, 1861.
6. Annie Eliza Garrison,
born Jan. 10, 1863, in AL; died Oct. 20, 1946, in Rogers, TX; 83 years old. Married (March 7, 1878) George W. Mann, died May 16, 1908.
7. Robert L. Whaley,
born ca. 1866, in Arkansas.
8. James L. Whaley,
born ca.1869, in TX.
9. Stephen L. Whaley,
born ca. 1872, in TX. The name was written as "Sephen" in the 1880 census soundex.
10. John Whaley,
born Aug. 22, 1877.
Celia Walker Garrison,
born ca. 1834, in GA. In the 1860 census, she was listed in Levi Jr.’s home, as domestic. She may have been part of a related family.
James W. R. Garrison,
born ca. 1850, in AL. In the 1860 census, he was also listed in Levi Jr.’s home. Again, he may have been part of a related family, perhaps helping Levi with some of the manly duties around the home.



Sixth Generation--
Elieazer Garrison, "Eli," born Nov. 16, 1857, in Alabama (acc. to census); died April 24, 1922, of cancer, in Wilcox, AZ; 65 years old. His daughter’s family Bible gives his birthplace as FL, but I now believe that was incorrect. Married Laura Texas. They had one child, Minnie.
Second marriage (July 17, 1890, in Altus, Oklahoma Territory)
Mary Jane Higgins, born Aug. 22, 1857, in Copperas Cove, TX; died Aug. 11, 1937, of paralysis, in Pomona, CA; 80 years old.
The family were all members of the Church of Christ.
1. Minnie Garrison,
born 1884, in Texas; died May 9, 1973, of heart attack, in Monrovia, CA; 89 years old. Married (1903) Charlie Burks, born 1883; died June 10, 1968, of heart attack, in Pomona, CA; 85 years old.
Jewel Elender Garrison,
born Oct. 18, 1892, in Comanche, TX; died Oct. 29, 1980, in Pomona, CA; 89 years old. Married William Nixon Turner.
3. J. D. Garrison,
"Jake," born 1893, in Oklahoma; died June 6, 1951, of heart attack in Los Angeles; 58 years old. Married (1922) Gladys McClean. Gladys was Episcopalian. His funeral service took place at St. Matthias Episcopal Church, and he was buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery.
4. Levi Higgins Garrison,
born June 12, 1894, in Altus, OK; died Dec. 11, 1960, of cancer, in Dalhart, TX; 66 years old. Married Nettie Marion Morris, born July 5, 1896 in Copperas Cove, TX; died Sept. 17, 1989; 93 years old. [Her parents: Peyton Morris, born May 1, 1857, in Corley, TX; died May 5, 1932, in Dalhart, TX; 75 years old. Lula Lois Courtney, born Feb. 13, 1867, in Pickler, AR; died Feb. 19, 1947, in Dalhart, TX; 80 years old.] Levi was buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Dalhart.



Seventh Generation (Turner)--Bill & Jewel on their wedding day
Jewel Elendor Garrison, born Oct. 18, 1891, in Comanche, TX; died Oct. 29, 1980, in Pomona, CA; 89 years old. Married (Dec. 17, 1911, in Wheeler, TX) William Nixon Turner, "Bill," born Oct. 12, 1892, in West, McLennan Co., TX; died Jan. 22, 1971, in Chino, CA; 79 years old. West is a small town about 20 miles north of Waco. It is a Czech town, and was at one time called West Station because of its position on the railroad.
Bill and Uncle Levi travelled around to find work. First they were in Springerville, CA, then the families moved to Armona, El Centro, and finally homesteaded outside of Wilcox, AZ. The homestead was noth of Wilcox, between and a little south of Bonita and Sunset. Elie and Veta were both born on that homestead, but their mailing address changed. While they were there, Bill and Levi continued to travel to find work. When their Grandpa Garrison died in 1922, they gave up the homestead because there would be no men around, and it was so far out in the country. From there they moved to Bisby and Globe, AZ, to work in the copper mines. Then they tried farming again in the Wilcox area, but with no luck. In 1925 the family moved to Pomona. The old homestead is now part of a cattle ranch.

1. Thomas Kermit Turner,
"Kermit," born Sept. 20, 1912, in Armona, CA; died June 4, 1962, of cancer, in Arcadia, CA; 50 years old. Served aboard USS Princeton when it was torpedoed in China Sea in WWII. Married Geneveive, "Jean." Kermit worked for Edison for 21 years
2. Ella Irene Turner,
born Dec. 21, 1913, in Imperial, CA; died Dec. 23, 1913, in El Centro, CA; two days old.
Elie Ellis Turner,
born Nov. 25, 1915, in Bonita, AZ; died May 20, 1971, in San Bernardino, CA; 55 years old. Died of a brain aneurysm. Married Marjorie June Jones.
4. Sylvia Loveta Turner,
"Veta," born July 13, 1917, in Sunset, AZ; died Jan. 30, 1999; in Pomona Valley Hospital, of cerebral hemorrhage; 81 years old. Married (June 1, 1934, in Ontario, CA) Delbert Dale Nicholson, "Dale," born in Hardy, NE. His parents were William Link Nicholson and Maude Alma Tucker. Dale also worked for SC Edison for many years.
5. Billie Nixon Turner,
born April 18, 1933, in Pomona, CA; died April 18, 1933; stillborn.


Jewel Elender Garrison Turner--the original Annie Oakley???

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Garrison DNA Project
Family information
1860 AL Census
Phyllis Grace Ansley (Levi’s ancestors)
Patrick Koehler, of Morrow, GA (Lambeth family)
Sherlock Lewis, of Greenwood, IN
Pioneers of Wiregrass, Georgia, Vols. 1, 2, 5, 7, and 8, by Folks and John C. Huxford
Record of Garrison and Dorminy Families of Irwin Co., Telfair Co., and Ben Hill County, GA, compiled by Arthur D. Anderson, Jr., 1977

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