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We know that Hugh was in Onandaga Co., NY, before coming to IL, as his son William was born there. Major was also born in NY. In Onandaga Co., in 1830, we see a Hugh and William McMullen, who were not there in 1820. Major named his first son William, so it is a good chance that William was his father. In 1820, Hugh and William were in Warren Co, with several other McMullens, including a John Sr. In 1800, we find John McMullen alone in Washington Co., from which Warren Co. split in 1813. The William who fought in the War of 1812 was born in PA (before 1800), as was one of the Johns--although one John put his residence as NY--I rather think all the Johns there are likely to be John Sr., originally from PA, but living in NY at the time he made his land claim. John Sr. was probably married by 1785, so he should have been in the 1790 census, and there are an abundance of McMullens in PA at the time, among them were several Johns.

McMullen 1800 1820 1830 1836
John Sr.

John Jr.





all were in Washington Co. (Warren Co. split off in 1813)

Athol, Warren Co.

Athol, Warren Co.

Athol, Warren Co.

Athol, Warren Co.

Athol, Warren Co.

Lebanon, Warren Co.


?3rd or 12th ward, NYC?

Van Buren Twsp., Onandaga Co.

Cicero Twsp., Onanadaga Co.

?Sodus, Wayne Co., or 17th Ward, NYC?




Mercer Co., IL





•In 1820, Hugh and William were in Warren Co., NY, with other McMullens, possibly of clan of them. John Sr. may have been the father of the clan?

•In 1830, Hugh and William were both in Onandaga Co., NY, but not in 1820 census.

•By 1836, Hugh was in Mercer Co., IL, along with Major. Perhaps William died before then.

•Mercer Co. was in a section of IL set aside by the government for veterans of the War of 1812 for Bounty Land Warrants.

•McMullens in the Index to War of 1812 Pension Files:

John McMullen, rejected, Capt. Dunham’s Co. Light Infantry.

John McMullen, Navy, Gunner’s Mate on US Frigate "President" in 1814.

William McMullen, Navy, a marine on US Brig "Hornet in 1811-1812, born in PA.

•McMullens who obtained land in IL by warrant (either from their own military service, or passed down from a father or other serviceman--they were not able to sell their warrants until the 1850’s):

Charles McMullen (40 acres in Mercer Co., 1854)

Harvey McMullen (160 acres in Mercer Co., 1853)--Hugh had a son by this name.

John McMullen (160 acres in Mercer Co., Nov. 29, 1817)

Major McMullen (40 acres in Mercer Co., 1852)

Daniel McMullen (160 acres in Knox Co., Feb. 2, 1818), resident of NY state.

Dennis McMullen (160 acres in Henderson Co., Nov. 5, 1817), resident of NY state.

John McMullen (160 acres in Warren Co., Aug. 8, 1818), resident of PA.

John McMullen (160 acres in Pike Co., Dec. 5, 1818)

•Hugh bought government land there, but Major obtained land through a BLW--whose? He wasn’t born until 1815. Probably his father’s warrant! Was William his father?

•Major McMullen named his first son William, as did his uncle (?) Hugh--first children were generally named after grandparents.

•In 1860, Hugh’s wife Ersula was living with Major’s family.

•In 1800 census index, we find John, Daniel, Dennis, and James McMullen, all living in Albany Co., NY.

•In 1790, there was also a John McMullen in Albany and Ulster Co., NY. There were also a number of them in PA.

My theory is that John McMullen was born ca. 1760, married ca. 1780-85, (possibly a descendant of one of the Scotch-Irish immigrants who came between 1700 and 1728), in PA, where sons William and Hugh (among others) were born. He moved to Washington Co., NY, by 1800, from which Warren Co. split in 1813, and we find them and others of the clan (perhaps sons of John, perhaps brothers) there in Athol through the 1820 census. Shortly after the war of 1812, several of the McMullen clan used their bounty land warrants to claim land in IL, but Indian unrest and difficulty of transportation prevented them from moving their families there at that time. William and his younger brother Hugh settled out west in Onandaga Co. by 1830, where their children were born. William may have died there. After the Indians were removed in 1832, Hugh moved westward to IL, taking his brother William’s children with him. Hugh purchased land nearby the other McMullen claims, and in 1852, Major used his father’s warrant to make his land claim.

Did others of the McMullen clan who made claims (John, Daniel, Dennis, etc.) also settle in the area at the time Hugh did? Or did they sell their land for profit and stay in the east? John Sr. may have been dead by then?

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