Probate of William Snelling Jones
Polli Jost Turner, Editor

The Breckenridge County Archives sent me a copy of the probate proceedings of William Snelling Jones’ estate. It is transcribed below. Notice that the two women who signed just made their mark, an x, next to their names which were written by someone else. This was a common practice as many in the rural areas (particularly the women) never learned to read or write. As much as possible, I have transcribed this as it was written, including the quaint spelling of the day. I have only added punctuation to make the meaning clear.



Inventory & Appraisment of the estate of Wm. S. Jones Dec.
1853 October Term Ordered to be recorded
Recorded in Decendants estate
Book No. 7 Page 702

Articles of agreement made concluded and agreed upon this the 15th of August 1853 Between Henry O. Morton, Lester L. Morton, William W. Jones and Mayson L. Jones at the County of Breckenridge and state of Kentucky of the one part and James M. Jones of the other part. witnesseth that the said James M. Jones for the consideration of all the live stock including horses, cattle, hogs and sheep, the present growing crop, household and citchen [kitchen] furnitre, including farming utencils and all other personal property formerly thereto belonging to William S. Jones Dec. [deceased] binds himself his heirs executors and administraters for the confortable maintainance of Susan Jones Widdow of the late Dec. Wm. S. Jones during her lifetime allso to pay all Doctors fees and bural expences of said widow allso to pay all just debts dues and demands made and contracted to by William S. Jones Dec. and all just claims & charges that may be produced against the estate of the said Wm S. Jones Dec. And the said Henry O. Morton, Lester L. Morton, William W. Jones and Mayson L. Jones doth hereby agree that each and every of us will relinquish our hereditary rights belonging to said property and do hereby grant bargan sell and convey to the said James M. Jones all our rights and titles pertaining thereto or invested in the following property to wit all the personal property belonging to and in full posession of William S. Jones Dec. at his deth for and in consideration of hereditary releasement from the debts and liabilities of William S. Jones Dec. and furthermore for the contracting and paying for the maintainence of Susan Jones Widdow of Wm. S. Jones Dec. and allso for the payment of all Doctors charges and brial expences of the afore said widdow to be paid and accounted for by the afore said James M. Jones.

In witness whereof we have heareunto set our hands and seals the day and date above mentioned

William W. Jones (seal)
Henry O. Morton (seal)
Lester L. Morton (seal)
Mason L. Jones (seal)
James M. Jones (seal)
Mary Morton (her mark)x
Elizabeth Morton (her mark)x
Joseph Wheatley---attest seal
Jest. John C. Wheatley


Inventory & appraisment of the personal property of Wm. S. Jones Sept. 21st 1853

1 Beuro & Bookcase 10.00
1 Small Table 1.00
1 Mirror .80
1 Brass clock 6.00
1 Rifle gun 10.00
3 Chairs 1.20
1 Pair hand irons 1.00
1 Lot Tools & old irons 4.00
1 Grind Stone 1.00
1 Old Saddle 3.00
1 Pair Wagon guns 2.25
3 Old Bridles 1.00
2 Ploughs 3.00
2 Pair Stretchers & clevis 1.75
1, 2 Horse wagon 55.00
1 Sorrel Mare 60.00
1 Black Mare 50.00
23 Yearling hoggs 46.00
4 Sows and shoats 20.00
10 Sheep 10.00
250 Bushels corn in the field 50.00
2 Acres Tobacco in the field 60.00

We do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true list and valuation of all personal property of William S. Jones as presented to us by his adminstration
Robert B. Chamblys
Wm. S. Allen
John C. Wheatly

I do hereby certify that the foregoing contains a true list of all the personal property of Wm. S. Jones Dec. that came to my hand.
James M. Jones, Adm.
Kentucky Breckenridge County Sct.

County Court Monday October 1853
The within inventory of appraisement was produced in Court and Ordered by the court to be recorded.
Wm. Jo Allen Clk.

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